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Sexual Health  & Intimacy

Sexual health and intimacy play an essential role in our ability to express ourselves as sexual beings.


Sexual health involves being able to have safe, pleasurable sex that is consensual, non-exploitative and safe. Intimacy, communication and confidence in the area of sex can be important to our overall sense of wellbeing, health and longevity.


This area of health has long been neglected, particularly for women. It can be challenging for many people to discuss, address or enjoy sex due to shame, trauma and stigma.

At Ōtepoti Integrative Health we provide a sexual health clinic that take a holistic approach to sexual health concerns that integrates a medical, biological, psychological and relational perspectives and is trauma-informed.

Sexual Narratives

Sexual heath and wellbeing involves having a healthy relationship to your own body. Our culture can send harmful or conflicting messages about body image, size and ideals that can have negative effects on how we relate to our own body, which can in turn influence our capacity to enjoy sexual relationships.

We all have sexual narratives, developed out of family, cultural, religious attitudes and values around sex. Additionally, sexual trauma or experiences of intimate partner violence powerfully shape our experiences of sex.

Difficulties with sex can limit our capacity to enjoy intimacy and connection. They can contribute to low self esteem and sense of self.


Dr Deb Brunt offers holistic care regarding sexual health, and provides a safe space to share and discuss concerns or questions in the following areas.

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