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Holistic Fertility Clinic

What is Integrative Reproductive Medicine and Fertility care?


Integrative reproductive medicine and fertility care supports couples in a holistic way who are preparing to conceive or needing support to conceive.  

It focuses on the optimal overall health of the couple, assesses for underlying causes that are often overlooked including thyroid disease, clotting disorders, inflammatory and autoimmune  conditions and hormonal imbalance. 

With IVF treatment treating underlying health conditions can be overlooked and bypassed. Integrative reproductive medicine seeks to identify and manage conditions that adversely influence fertility including:

Integrative Reproductive medicine also recognises the emotional toll on couples seeking fertility care. In addition to caring for the physical effects of fertility, supports couples through the emotional difficulties and grief these experiences can bring up. 

Integrative Reproductive Medicine 

Changes in fertility take time. It takes 4 months for an egg to mature from a primordial egg to an egg ripe for ovulation and fertilisation. It takes sperm approximately 74 days or 2.5 months to fully mature. Any changes that take place now will see it's effects in months to come. 


A consultation involves an initial medical questionnaire about the health of the couple followed by a history and where needed, examinations. 

Investigations include parameters of overall health, hormonal health and monitoring of ovulatory menstrual cycles. It also involves targeted investigations depending on history to examine metabolic, autoimmune, immune, infective and clotting parameters. It may also involve imaging such as ultrasound.

We ensure you know when you are at your fertile peak each month, and provides you with personalised lifestyle advice regarding nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep.

Regular follow-up is important as we journey through the investigations, cycle monitoring and lifestyle changes especially as these changes do take time to have effect on your body. Follow-up is also important for ensuring adequate stress management and emotional support. 

Who is Integrative Fertility Care for?

Any couple seeking a holistic approach to their health during the preconception period or those seeking support with fertility would benefit from integrative reproductive medicine consult. 

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