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Postnatal Depletion

What Is Postnatal Depletion?

Postnatal depletion is the term used to describe the postnatal condition prior to restoration of nutrition, hormonal balance, pelvic floor and core stability, fitness levels and circadian sleep cycles after childbirth.


It occurs concurrently with the emotional and psychological process of matrescence or the process of adapting to motherhood. 

Many women naturally transition through this uneventfully, especially if depletion is mild and they have support, but others appreciate holistic care to support replenishment of nutrition and restrengthening the body, returning to physical activity and regaining energy.


Sometimes depletion is only evident after subsequent pregnancies, or recognised beyond the first year of life as symptoms of depletion continue or fail to improve.

Most postnatal care is focused on the wellbeing, feeding and growth of baby, but at Ōtepoti Integrative Health we support mamas to thrive too. 


How we can help with
postnatal recovery?

Post-natal Depletion Treatment

Many women experience post-natal depletion, which can become particularly pronounced with subsequent pregnancies.


You can benefit from gentle personalised integrative postnatal recovery support to which can include:

  • support adapting to motherhood

  • nutrient dense foods,
  • restoring sleep and energy
  • mindful + wellbeing practices
  • progressive exercise
  • reconnecting with your partner/libido
  • body identical hormones if indicated
Sleeping Baby

We would love to support you and your baby. 

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