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Sexual health and intimacy play an essential role in our ability to express ourselves as sexual beings. Sexual health involves being able to have safe, pleasurable sex that is consensual, and non-exploitative. Intimacy, communication and confidence in the area of sex can be important to our overall sense of wellbeing, health and longevity. This area of health has long been neglected. It can be challenging for many people to address or enjoy sex due to shame, trauma and stigma.

Sexual heath and wellbeing involves having a healthy relationship to your own body. Our culture can send harmful or conflicting messages about body image, size and ideals that can have negative effects on how we relate to our own body, which can in turn influence our capacity to enjoy sexual relationships.

We all have sexual narratives, developed out of family and cultural (+/- religious) attitudes and values around sex. Additionally, sexual trauma or experiences of intimate partner violence powerfully shape our ideas about and our experiences during sex.

Difficulties with sex can limit our capacity to enjoy intimacy and connection. They can contribute to low self esteem and sense of self. I offer a safe space to share and discuss concerns or questions in the following areas:

  1. Low sexual desire

  2. Low sexual pleasure

  3. Painful sex

  4. Difficulty with orgasm or erection

  5. Body image

  6. Sexual identity

  7. Sexual Expression

  8. Navigating consent, boundaries and building trust with a partner

  9. Sexual difficulties relating to medical conditions or medications

Additionally, I am medically trained to give you advice about:

  1. prevention, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections,

  2. contraception methods that will work for you,

Key Articles on Sexual Health and Intimacy

Sexual Wellness – 6 principles for healthy sexual health and relationships.

Key Resources for Sexual Health and Intimacy

This is not a comprehensive list, but a starting point. Recommended resources are sex positive, informative, inclusive and affirming.

Books on sexual health and intimacy

This book is not just for teens and young adults. Many women and men of older generations did not get a great sex education. Many also were exposed to sex negative views around sex and sexuality. Maybe you are curious about different sexual orientation or expression. You can learn more about all of these topics here.

A Celebration of Vulva Diversity – A book by The Vulva Gallery

This great book celebrates vulval diversity and makes great headway in allowing women to accept their vulva, and shed any shame they may have.

The Body is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor

Websites promoting sexual health and intimacy

Women have often been shamed about their vulva – this website contains many portraits of diverse vulva shapes and sizes. It is a vulval celebration.

This website is a sex positive education site aimed at teens but beneficial for people of all ages and orientations. It aims to be inclusive of many different sexual experiences.

I wish you well with your sexual relationships and sexual wellbeing.



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