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For many people our life, feelings, sensuality, sense of well being and health is deeply connected to our reproductive health. Difficulties with reproductive health is common, for example;

  1. 80 percent of women experience painful periods at some point during their menstruating life

  2. 11 percent of women of reproductive age experience infertility.

  3. 40 percent of women seek medical attention for their menopausal symptoms.

  4. 11-30 percent of women have a traumatic experience birthing their baby.

These difficulties can have a flow on effect into other parts of your life and health, which is why we are passionate about supporting women with their reproductive health.

What we can help you with

Here are some of the areas that I can help you improve your reproductive health with a wholistic, integrative approach. .

  1. Irregular periods

  2. Painful or heavy periods

  3. Low sexual desire

  4. Painful sex

  5. Low pleasure with sex

  6. Difficulties with orgasm

  7. Contraception

  8. Difficulties conceiving

  9. Unplanned pregnancy

  10. Miscarriage

  11. Fertility struggles

  12. Pregnancy and child birth

  13. Post partum depression/anxiety

  14. Post partum trauma,

  15. Pelvic floor issues,

  16. Urinary stress incontinence,

  17. Perimenopause and menopause

  18. Body-identical hormones.

Contact our clinic to book an appointment for a reproductive health or sexual health and wellbeing assessment with Dr Deborah Brunt


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